(It's "Utter Chaos" at Coral Reef Shop.....just in time for Halloween

and more CORALS
KINGDOM of TONGA has arrived!!!

Highlights Include:

Multicoloured ZOAS!
"Utter Chaos" Zoas, "Fire & Ice" Zoas, and other 'Designer' Zoas
"Bounce" Mushrooms
Mini-Maxi/Pizza Carpet Anemones

Branching Tongan Torches - Endemic to Tonga
Bubble Coral
Branching Hammer Coral - Neon Green/Yellow
Platygyra/Maze Brain
Acan Echinata
Montipora Danae

Please click on link for Pictures & Videos:
(Pictures taken under Blue Light & then White Light for comparison)

Fritz Reef Pro Mix Salt has been Replenished!
A Skid/Pallet Arrived....

Website & Social Media Revamp Pending (Finally).....Stay Tuned....


Scooter Blennies/Dragonets $20/each
"Utter Chaos" Zoanthid Frags TOO LOW to Advertise!
Any Livestock/Coral Purchase over $100,
or Drygoods Purchase over $150 - Complimentary Zoa Frag

***This week's 'Easter Eggs'......

#1. Teaser Pic. We currently have friends exploring the archipelago of Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia....Diving & enjoying the surface wonders. Looking forward to More Good Things to Come.....

#2. The "Headless Chicken Monster" (sea cucumber) may help Antarctic conservation.....

#3. A bowl of Noodle Soup with Shrimp Broth - Oriental Rice Noodle House - Scarborough ......***

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