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Thread: Under The Sea Niagara Grand Opening

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    Under The Sea Niagara Grand Opening

    The day you have all been waiting for is finally here! Under The Sea is opening this Saturday at noon. We will be posting opening day door crasher specials over the next three days. We will also post some store shots, current livestock photos and a map of where to find us.
    Reef & Rainforest Design
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    15 Gallon Old School Stainless Steel Tank
    30 Watts Compact Fluorescent Lighting
    Marineland HOT Carbon Filter
    50 Watt Ebo Jager Heater
    Pair of Kuda Sea Horses, Gorgonian, Tree Sponge, asst'd Crabs & Snails

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    went to my first Reef store in almost a year yesterday and met Shawn Wilson once again after a long hiatus (Mr Wilson set up CRS) A really nicely laid out store with a major amount of retail items, LED Lights Tanks, additives, pumps, etc, his fish were very healthy and a wide selection of corals all at fair prices.
    The location is off Weber road and Church street (Fenwick/Welland area)
    I will be visiting Under the sea again very soon as his LED lights are similar to the Reefbrite Lite but CHEAPER.....offered in 24", 36" 48" lengths I am borrowing a seneye from a friend to read the par and lumins out put compared t the Reef Brite, I wll post my findings

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