Indonesian (Lombok) CORALS & FISH Have Landed!!

SPS, Shrooms & Fish!!!

Highlights Include:

Acropora Heavy Shipment
SHOW Sized Borbonius Anthias!
Blue Hippo/Surgeon Tangs (Tiny & Small)
Yellow Watchman Gobies
High Fin Gobies
Sea Urchins (Black & White, Tuxedo, MultiColour)
Sea Hares
Sand Sifting Starfish
Purple Firefish
Harlequin Shrimp
Discosoma Shrooms
Micro Zoas
Yumas (Multicoloured)
Bubbletip Anemones
Trochus Snails
Nerite Snails
Nassarius Snails
Tiger Tail Sea Cucumbers (Great for Sand beds)
Emperor Angels
Cleaner Wrasses
Melanarus Wrasses
Pink Bar Gobies
Polleni Grouper
Fighting Conchs
Blue Velvet Nudibranchs (FLATWORM Eating)

Please click on link for pictures:


Blue Hippo/Surgeon Tangs $70/each
Various Yumas $45/each
Yellow Watchman Gobies $23/each

***This week's 'Easter Eggs'......

#1. Living vicariously - Pictures of a trip to Boracay, Philippines.....

#2. A failed Break & Enter in Shanghai:

#3. The intimate moments of Strawberry Crabs......***

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