Sri Lanka & Maldives has Landed!
(Fish & Inverts)

新年快樂! 心想事成!

Highlights Include:

Cleaner Shrimp
Scarlet/Blood Shrimp
Squat Lobsters
BLONDE Naso Tangs (Sm-Md)
Powder Blue Tangs (Sm-Md)
Moorish Idols
Diamond/Orange Spot Gobies (Sand Sifting)
Cleaner Wrasse
Yellow Wrasse (Pest Hunters)
Red Legged Hermits
Haddoni Carpet Anemones (BLUE, NEON GREEN, TEAL!?!)

Please click on link for pictures:


Select Hermits $1/each
Cleaner Shrimp $18/each
Blood Shrimp $28/each

年年有餘! 年年有魚!

***This week's 'Easter Eggs'......
#1. We are pleased to have been selected to work with Ripley's Aquarium of Canada in supplying their Spotted Jellyfish exhibit with Orphek LED lighting. We have also been selected as a supplier for their Livestock!

#2. On board and behind the scenes of the Rio 100! .....
(even the sinks & waste receptacles are carbon fiber to trim weight)

#3. Steamed Scallop with Garlic & Scallions.....

Citius, Altius, Fortius, - "Faster, Higher, Stronger": Olympic Motto


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