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Thread: 6th Annual London Fragfest - 2018

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    6th Annual London Fragfest - 2018

    London Fragfest - Saturday, May 12th, 2018

    ***NEW LOCATION***

    Date: Saturday May 12th, 2018
    Address: 6675 Burtwistle Lane, London, Ontario Stoneridge Inn & Conference Center is conveniently located just off the 401 exit 177A to Colonel Talbot Rd.
    Cost will be $5 at the door, Children under 12 free with adult admission.
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    Vendors listed

    1 JellyFish Direct
    2 JT Custom Acrylics
    3 Kaotic Aquatics
    4 Reef Canada
    5 In2Deep
    6 Maple-Frags
    7 Reef Addiction
    8 Sustainable Marine Canada
    9 GTA Reef
    10 Aquarium Depot
    11 iKorals
    12 MAST
    13 BigSHOW Frags
    14 Canada Copepods
    15 Candy Corals
    16 IC Corals
    17 Little Shop of Coral
    18 Bashsea Canada
    19 For the Reef
    20 Royal Coral
    21 ORK
    22 Canada Corals

    Contest prizes this year include:

    3 x $50 gift certificates to
    2 x prints from Mitchell Brown
    4 Stage RODI from BRS
    Gyre XF230
    Triton Lab water analysis
    Instant Ocean Reef Crystals - Pail
    Aquaforest Reef Salt - box
    $50 gift certificate to
    Reef Nutrition prize pack

    There is more getting announced shortly. There is even a new company coming out in the next few months who will be blowing up the prize table and it is killing me not saying who yet. Should be announced Monday. Plus there is always more added at the show.

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