Corals & Drygoods Have Arrived!!!
More Good Things to Come.....

Highlights Include:

Orange Tipped Torches
Pink Tipped Torches
Neon Hammers
Yellow Hammers
Rhodactis Mushrooms
Discosoma Mushrooms
Neon Bubble Corals
Pearl Bubble Corals
Gold Tipped Elegance
Pink Tipped Elegance
Cynarina/Button Corals - Exceptional Colours
Neon Heliofungia Plates

Please click on link for pictures:

Tunze Care Magnets, Skimmers, and Auto Top-Off Osmolators have been replenished.

PolypLab Pro Carbon has arrived and DD Aquascape Epoxy/Putty has been replenished!

Aqua Illumination LED Lighting Units have been replenished HD Prime, Hydra 26HD, Hydra 52HD.

Two Little Fishies, ESV B-Ionic Additives & Carbon, Miracle Mud, Maxspect Gyres and Aquatic Life RO/DI Units, EShopps Refugiums and Sumps have arrived!

EcoTech Marine Pumps and VorTechs have been replenished!

NYOS LPS POWER Coral Food - Initial Canadian Launch! Delivery of this product has arrived!


Thompsoni Tang $45/each
Pencil Wrasses $40/each
Liverock $7.99/lb

***This week's 'Easter Eggs'.....

#1. Lobster Roll and Soft Shell Crab Sandwich from "Fresh off the Boat" (404 Queen Street West, Toronto)

#2. Learning Sailing Techniques & Terminology (Diamond Head, Hawaii).
Word of the Day: Spinnaker

#3.) Fish Robbery in Florida - Caught on Camera:

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