HAWAII & Christmas Island has Landed!!!

You have read that correctly! HAWAII & Christmas Island has arrived.

Highlights Include:

Achilles Tangs - LARGE Brilliant 'Achilles Heel/Tear Drop'
Crosshatch Triggers (PAIR) - Brilliant Colouration

'CrossThroat' Trigger HYBRID!!! (Crosshatch x Blue Throat)

Bartlett's Anthias
Olive Anthias
GOLDFLAKE Angels - Adult, Nice Size. Thick!
Tinkeri Butterfly!
Yellow Tangs - Small, Medium & SHOW Size!
Kole Tangs
Flame Angels
Potter's Angels
Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasses
FLAME WRASSES (Pairs Available)
Velvet Fairy Wrasses
Lemon Peel Angels
Cinnamon Clownfish
Orange Belted Wrasses
Pink Pencil Wrasses
Goldrim Tangs
BLONDE Naso Tangs (Small & Medium)
GOLDEN DWARF Moray Eels - Bright Colouration
STRAWBERRY Crabs!!! - Seasonal from Hawaii. Very Seldom Seen.
The ONLY batch available this season. Brilliant Colours!
Diana's Hogfish
Yellow Tail Coris Wrasse
Dwarf Frogfish
Potter's Wrasse
Thompson's Tang
Halloween Hermit Crabs
Fisher's Starfish
Orangetail Filefish

Please click on link for pictures:

MORE Good Things to Come.....


Select Frags starting at $15/each
Marbled/Tiled Fromia Starfish $25/each
Oblique Dottyback (Cypho purpurescens) - Coral Sea (Female) $125/each

***Today's 'Easter Egg'......The tradition continues: The art of the Clubhouse Sandwich - Zet's Restaurant .***

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