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Thread: Vertex Alpha 250 skimmer

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    Vertex Alpha 250 skimmer

    Any interest in an Alpha 250 skimmer? It is currently running on my main system, but I finally accepted it is way too much skimmer for my system. It runs great and I love it, but instead of running it part time I thought I would offer it out. If my offer doesn't happen, I will be happy to keep it. Much like my switch from Apex to GHL, there is no real reasoning other then I want to try a different product while helping it fellow hobbiests by selling my equipment.

    Here is the offer...

    Purchase the Bashsea 6-30 skimmer from HERE (and have it shipped to me, the owner of that store can probably even just drop it off to me to save shipping costs) and once it is here and set up, then I will clean and ship/deliver the Vertex within Ontario no extra strings attached. The vertex alpha 250 is $1429.95+tx new, the one I want is $742.63+tx so you would save in excess of $700 after tax.

    I think that covers everything.

    Info on Vertex:

    Stock image added.

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