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Thread: Salt Crete OR salt creep?

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    Salt Crete OR salt creep?

    In a discussion today reef show and I were talking about the Salt Crete. We got talking and I'm like Salt Creep or Salt Crete . They both make sense. ..
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    How about you post the difference so we are all informed before we vote
    I have always called it Salt Creep as it creeps into seems and cracks or down the side of the tank from a bulk
    Head fitting.

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    I've always said creep
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    I have never heard of salt crete (which is not unusual for me) and have always referred to it as 'creep' as others have, so I turn to Doc Google to understand the meaning. the link is to wikipedia:

    The meaning doesn't make sense as us hobbyist us the term....Is there another meaning??

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