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Thread: Cliff's in wall reef

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    niagara falls
    Dont do it Cliff freshwater will not fulfill what is in all of us and I found out the hard way...something is always missing and its sooooooo boring. When your ready im sure I have some stuff I can frag for you just let me know
    -325g Total system,275g DT 65g sump
    -black box leds 3x55w ...4 in total
    SRO 5000ssss
    2x RW20 jebao powerheads
    -Reeflo Dart/Snapper hybrid return
    -Mixed reef

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    port colborne
    Cliff, you already have fairly decent ATS..........personally I would add a refugium with macro algae.. As Andrew, claims and I agree, that they are pretty cool. Set up correctly, it can become a display tank in itself.........with seahorses??

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